Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Power Dressing

I suggest you pay attention to your work outfits a lot more...after all, you do spend most of your day at the office or workspace. Dressing appropriately for work is a difficult task for some,  but you should know that after you've mastered some golden rules, the results will be very pleasing. -Never squeeze yourself in anything too short or tight because you will look unprofessional and uncomfortable. -Just because you work at an office, doesn't mean you have to wear a polyester suit and put your hair up, have fun experimenting with your look style and materials. -Always remember that the office is a serious place and that the impressions you make will last, sporting  some color is fine but too much color or too many accessories might give the wrong idea, you want to let people know that you're a serious and leader. -Sheer fabrics are OK as long as they're worn with discretion (and the right undergarments). My advice is to be cautious yet chic, and you'll do just fine. 


  1. I abolutely agree! ...will try to remember this every day!

  2. Great tips in this blog! I love it!


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