Sunday, October 31, 2010

The Coat

When I stopped this girl on the street for a picture, she was surprised and told me that she didn't like her outfit on this particular day.  I love everything about her here, even the hair! I'll leave the judging up to you...


  1. I also think she looks perfect and very chic, she has beautiful hair.

  2. How can she say that? Haha!

    Not to mention the bag...

  3. How dare she! woow I mean if this is effortless I'd like to see her when she tries!

  4. I love everything about this outfit too! The coat, bag, and jeans!

  5. Who is this girl's stylist?? I need to hire her!!! She looks great!

  6. She looks really good!!!!
    Everithing is perfect, beginning from the hair, the bag, and I love the coat!!!!!

    and the colours...I have a thing with beige this season!!!
    check on our homepage!


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