Friday, February 12, 2010

Classic Must-Haves

There are some things that ANYBODY who's interested in fashion should have (or at least want badly). The items above are IT for me... They are necessary objects in order to have a complete wardrobe. If you think I'm missing something let me know and we'll see about it!
1. Chanel 2.55 bag
2. Roger Vivier flats or pumps
3. Valentino red gown
4. Yves Saint Laurent vintage (tux or anything else)
5. Hermes Birkin bag
6. Loro Piana cashmere
7. Alaia Dress(shoes are actually quite nice too)
8. Fendi fur
9. Louboutin peep toes
10. Chanel tweed jacket
11. Bottega Veneta tote (or clutch)
12. Ferragamo vara flats


  1. Maybe you can add Jimmy Choo's or Manolo's ??

  2. I agree with almost everything on that list (expect for maybe #7 and 8...personally not "classic-classics" to me). But I completely and utterly agree about the Chanel bag and Louboutin heels!

  3. But I love Alaia :( doesn't everybody? ahhaha

  4. i love that list, i would add Hermes or Gucci silk scarf

  5. I Agree, an hermes silk scarf should be part of the list

  6. how about adding
    *Louis Vuitton wallet+keyring
    *Oliver Peoples or Rayban or TFord sunglasses
    *a Cartier Tank watch
    *Belt (not a fan but all sexes seem to love the "H" Hermes belts)
    *J brand jeans for sure

  7. J brand jeans are not classics even if I live for them! I HATE LOUIS VUITTON WITH ALL MY HEART! ESPECIALLY MONOGRAM ITEMS....Cartier watches I'll think about... Raybans for sure! ;)


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