Thursday, January 14, 2010

Montenapoleone, Milan

Over the top excessively elegant shoppers are my favorite. I love people who wake up in the morning and actually give their outfits some thought. Or there's those who just throw whatever they want on and still look amazing (but that's a hard category to fit into)  The world needs more people who care about their appearance! This lady looks fantastic, especially compared to parka and leopard pants walking behind her...(can you spot her?)


  1. Absolutely WOW!! beautiful outfit from head to toe!

  2. I feel you! Great pic!

  3. Wonderful outfit! So classic and elegant. I agree with you, appearance is, after all, what people see first. And, haha, yes...interesting leopard pants...

  4. i love how abused that chanel is.

  5. Love how her face is hidden behind that striking black hair...makes her seem so mysterious, and that much more stylish.



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