Thursday, November 12, 2009

Designer Profile: Adriana Castro

Bag designer Adriana Castro is on fire!  Her bags are being sold everywhere around the world, every celebrity and socialite is obsessed with carrying her pieces and  We are very proud of her!  Read more and see what she has to say about her life and career right now:

Fashion Memoires: Where do you get your inspiration? 

Adriana Castro: I am inspired by the look, feel and finish of the variety of skins.  I can envision my handbags just thinking of how the skins will drape and how the different textures will blend together. Also, color is another great inspiration. I am in love with color. Color is so powerful. In Miami, where I live and work, I am surrounded by an amazing, vibrant palette…from the tropical landscape to the unique architecture, I am constantly thinking of new ideas just walking around the city!

FM: Who are your fashion icons?

AC: Sarah Jessica Parker, Carla Bruni and Queen Rania Al Abdullah

FM: Which tools do you use for research on trends?

AC: I create my own trend. The more you look for what is out there, your imagination will find a limit. The idea is to experiment, mix colors and textures to create something that you like. I will never design something that I would not want to carry myself. I believe that design is all about expressing your personal style.

FM: Have you personally met some of the celebrities who wear your bags? / Which ones?

AC: Yes, I have met Eva Longoria, Kourtney and Khloe Kardashian. They are all very sweet. What I love the most about these celebs is that besides being beautiful, stylish and successful, they are involved in supporting great causes and giving back through their charitable work.

FM: How do you feel about people calling you the next Nancy Gonzalez?

AC: Hearing this comment is very surreal for me, as Nancy Gonzalez has been an inspiration for me, especially as she is also from Colombia.  I greatly admire her success and talent, so the comparison is clearly a great honor.

FM: Have you thought about opening your own shop anytime soon? Your clients would love it I'm sure!

AC: I have thought about is a goal for the future.  In the meantime I am focused on positioning my brand globally, to establish a great level of brand recognition.  I aspire to become a brand name that is associated as among the best in the world of exotic skin accessories, both with the consumer and within the fashion industry.

FM: Who are your favorite designers?

AC: Valentino,Oscar de la Renta and Carolina Herrera.

FM: What activities does a usual day in your life include?

AC: Research, Design, Trunk Shows, Personal Appearances, Photo Shoots… and of course, spending quality time with friends and family.


  1. I like her things a lot I have seen them before! Congrats to her!

  2. I am really amazed with her success, another designer who gives pride to Colombia! The purses are truly beautiful, I love their color combinations!

  3. OMG! they are great! awesome bags I checked her site!

  4. This girl is really talented, and she's beautiful I saw her pictures. bravo!


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