Saturday, October 24, 2009

Interview with famous handbag designer: Sara Battaglia

Sara Battaglia is a young, drop dead gorgeous, Italian designer.  You may be familiar with her sister Giovanna Battaglia who works for Vogue Pelle and Vogue Gioiello, she parades Sara's bags all over the world and is quite loved by the fashion crowd.  I wanted to let you know, how fascinating I find Sara to be.  She exudes creativity and confidence, is the soul of any party and has the ability to talk about anything, to anyone.  If this is not enough to be her fan, take a look at some of her stunning handbags below.  I interviewed the designer recently and this is what she had to say.

Fashion Memoires: What inspires you:

Sara Battaglia: Before I design I think about women in general, or about my ideal of a woman.  I also think about what I would like to have at the moment (What is my taste right now and why).  Once I have some kind of sketch made I start putting together all my research, which may be parts of a film I recently viewed, a book I read or even music; elements I collect from my daily life and all my trips. 

FM: Since when did you start your handbag line?

SB: My first handbag collection was that of winter 2009, but it all started in a very naïve way, just to see what external reactions I would get. The real first collection is this spring/Summer 2010, which is filled with beautiful colors.

FM: Is your sister your muse?

SB: I would say so yes…She’s my ideal of a woman, a mixture of her and myself too.

FM: Where do you do research for your collections?

SB: My research starts since I wake up in the morning, I don’t have a precise place or moment, I follow my instincts mostly, obviously respecting the deadlines I have. I may do research while I’m at museums or just shopping.

FM: What other projects are you currently working on?

SB: Apart from my line, I am designing handbags for Moncler, following their style and the history of the brand but spiking it up with colors and new developments.

FM: Where do you see yourself in 10 years and doing what?

SB: In ten years I will be 35! I see myself having a bright career and letting all the creativity in me be put to different uses, even beyond fashion, for example doing art exhibits, short films and even photography which I love so much.  All this being surrounded by a family and kids!

FM: When I think about you, the first words that come to my mind are: creative, fun, easy going and funky!  What adjectives would you use to describe yourself? 

SB: Crazy but conscious of what I do, sometimes to tell you the truth I’m very instinctive and passional and thus a dreamer…

There's no stopping her and we wish her the best with all her projects! 


  1. These purses are absolutely fascinating, creative, and full of life!! I would get them all!! Does she have a web site? I would love to see more!

  2. her website is

  3. enjoying your blog!

    i love the blue bag!

  4. I heard about her collection because it is currently being sold at Luisa Via Roma, one of my favorite shops in Florence, she's very talented!

  5. A breath of fresh air for purse design!

  6. You can buy her bags on!!

  7. I was not able to find her bags on must be sold out! :(
    Anyway love her love, love her sister and love love her bags, I want them all!

  8. Non vedo niente di nuovo sono tutte ugualiforse Dovrebbe fare altre borsecon volumi piu 'innovativi .....
    Vi pongo una domanda: se Fosse una giovane designer e non avesse come sorella GIOVANNA BATTAGLIA Secondo voi sarebbero le sue borse in vendiata a Firenze da LUISA VIA ROMA?
    A voi la risposta

  9. Ottima riflessione..........uhm!!


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