Tuesday, October 6, 2009

I´ll keep the wish list

As fashion weeks go by, and I start choosing my favorite items…I realize that my fall wish list… is still intact! I have become more and more demanding and my taste keeps getting more expensive with each passing season (or maybe fashion is more expensive, can’t really say).

The point is that if I don’t tone the wish list I made for fall down a notch, it will AGAIN remain 95.5% uncrossed...Instead of wishing for Balmain leather tights I will have to settle for another pair of J-brand black jeans, instead of the Rick Owens leather jacket I will have to (ok maybe I will keep that one!) Instead of a Lanvin dress I will most certainly…(haven’t figured the replacement for that one out yet)…I will cross out the Givenchy crocodile pumps for plain Miu Miu suede ones (hey don’t judge me they’re worth half as much)… Am I boring you? Or am I just making you sad? Maybe if I you read this you will help me… and yet not.  This is so hard I will just stop it at once!!  I’m keeping my lists!

All I’m saying is I should be realistic, but fashion is all about dreaming and wishing and wanting isn’t it?  I think I’d rather keep the list (and the one I made for my husband) to continue being inspired! To keep me motivated to save! To keep me alive!  To keep me finding intelligent ways to get particular looks I want!  Does that make sense?  Then again I never did make much sense.

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  1. I'm with you! Keep your list, and the one for your hubby! jaja hilarious. It does keep you dreaming. What else is in that wish list????


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